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Dubrovnik to Split

It is rainy and very cold in Dubrovnik today, but the city is still swarming with tourists and bus groups. I’m bummed about it — I did not expect it to be this touristy this “early”. (High season doesn’t officially begin until July!) And it feels like March here today.
So, I arrived here by boat and will leave by bus — but rest assured, this IS the Eurail Blog and there will be train talk here eventually! Bus and boat are the main transporation options for getting to and from Dubrovnik, unless you have a car. But most budget travelers come via bus or ferry. There is no train this far south in Croatia just yet, I believe there used to be before the war, and I assume there are plans to get one running down here again eventually.
I bought my bus ticket to Split today at the Autobusni Kolodvor, a new station located a few kilometers north of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and just past the main port where the ferry and cruise ships dock. It is suggested that travelers purchase bus tickets a day or two in advance, especially in high season. If you don’t have a tight schedule to adhere to, I am sure you can show up and get a ticket, since buses to Split leave every day, about one every hour. But if you have to get somewhere else by a certain time, be sure to book in advance.
It’s about a four and a half hour trip…I’ll be back in a few days with a report on my trip up the Dalmatian coast.