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First Plane Ride…

…is coming up on Sunday. (First plane ride since I arrived in Europe on Feb. 16.) I’m traveling with my aunt for the next week and since we have a lot of ground to cover in a short time we will be taking a quick flight from Verona to Naples on Sunday morning. Normally I would take the train, but she is on a tighter schedule than I so I’ll be holding onto the Eurail pass and saving it for when I head into Hungary again in about two weeks. From now till June 7th it will be plane, rental car, ferry (across the Adriatic to Croatia) and bus.
Oh yeah, and I might be doing some practice driving with the manual transmission while in southern Italy. I had my first lesson with a cousin here in Venice this week…I actually got the car to go from 1st to 2nd to 3th gear…but I really don’t like this third pedal thing…what do you call it anyway? The Italian word has something to do with friction but they are not sure how to say it in English, and I have never used manual before in my life, so I surely don’t know. I think learning Italian might be easier than learning how to drive like this.