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Laughing our way to Ljubljana

We took Eurocity train 52 from Budapest to Ljubljana on Monday, passing through three countries – Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. The train was going all the way to Venice, so we sat in a Tren Italia car which was comfortable and spacious.
CJ and I spent some time laughing about the WC ritual we go through. She usually has to break the seal first and heads to the bathroom to assess the situation and reports back before I take my turn. On this train the conditions were slightly better than normal, and for the first time in our travels we found different WCs in the same train car, one for the ladies and one for the gents. The ladies WC even had an almost full length mirror on the wall…grimy but usable, a nice added touch.
We sat in our private 6 seater cabin for the 8 hour train ride giggling about this and other things, while finishing off a fantastic jar of REAL Skippy peanut butter (chunky, reduced fat) that she scored from Canadian friends while in Austria a few weeks ago. Its amazing how creative you can get trying free every last bit of the good stuff out of the jar when there is extra time to spare…Rating train toliets and feasting on peanut butter….this is what you do when trapped on a train all day…
But actually, I also did some REAL work on my hostel reviews (15 and counting) and caught up on journal writing as we passed through Zagreb and into the beautiful Sava River Valley in Slovenia…folks compare it to Austria and I can see why…it is really beautiful. And Ljubljana is great too. On par with Krakow, but I think smaller, quainter and better. I like the atmosphere of the small bridges and still river that cuts down the center of the old town. Yesterday was a wash out for us, but still enough time to see most of the main sights in town. Its looking like a few day trips this week, so Im off to check the bus schedule, and the weather forcast.