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Half Way in Hungary

Well, all the transportation stuff I was skittish about on Sunday went remarkably well and I arrived safely in Budapest by 8 pm. It is magical here, I really love it — the city reminds me of Prague in some ways, but with its own distinct style and atmosphere of course. We are going to do a Walking Tour this afternoon, looks like the weather will hold up, although it still seems unseasonably cool for May!
Today I celebrate the official half way point of my trip…76 days in, 77 more to go, for a total of 153. Amazing. Will I make it? We shall see…the budget is holding up, but I see some creative use of couchsurfing in my future to make it through to the end. I’m also done with my Eurail pass now, and have been using a combo of bus and train to get me around, sometimes the buses are much faster and cheaper.
Here’s to the second half of an unbelievable journey — and thanks to all who have helped made it possible!