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Bound for Budapest

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to go from Cesky Krumlov (in the southern bohemia region of the Czech Republic) all the way to Budapest in neighboring Hungart. I am a little nervous about making all the connections, but keep your fingers and toes crossed with me that is all goes smoothly. I’ll start with a 7:50 am bus to Ceske Budejovice, then another bus to Brno (in Moravia), then a two hour gap to get to the train station and hopefully board a 3:15 train bound for Budapest.
I had originally planned to be in Brno already but I just got so comfy at the hostel here in Cesky Krumlov that I didn’t want to go…and now, for the first time in the trip, I am slightly apprehensive about the travel logistics, something which I usually welcome and enjoy. Bus, train and plane travel are often highlights of the trip for me…but maybe I am getting a bit weary. Part of it could be that after 6 nights in this cozy village, it just takes that much more energy to get motivated to get moving.
Of course though, I am really, really excited to explore Budapest…but I’ll be even more excited once I get on that train in Brno tomorrow afternoon. Next post should be from Hungary…wish me luck!