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Currency Craziness!

We left the Euro just about two weeks ago and it has been a daily challenge to keep up with the constant currency conversions — first the Polish zloty (about 4 zl = 1 euro), then the Czech crown (about 28.5 kr = 1 euro) and now we are researching hostels in Budapest, which requires converting Hungarian forints (about 266 = 1 euro) — oh the fun! Thank goodness for CJ’s career in finance and business, she is able to do conversions and approximations in her head much faster than me…she was also smart enough to pick up a conversion calculator while we were in Berlin, it has been a livesaver.
We are at Bohemia Bagel in Prague right now, catching up on travel planning, emails and news from around the world. It has turned into a cold rainy Saturday night here in town, but it is fine for us, we have had several sunny filled days with great walks, parks and beer halls, of course. They are calling for rain tomorrow too, so I’ll hit a museum and we might do some spring shopping too. For now, it’s back to the hostel searching and number crunching…