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Krakow to Prague: The Day Train

Lots of folks take night trains to save money and time during their fast-paced 2-3 week loops of the major European cities. Since CJ and I have the luxury of time on our side, we decided to skip one of the most popular night trains — the stretch between Krakow and Prague. Instead we opted to do it today, during yet another (conveniently) gray Monday. We were able to read, rest and study up on Prague, which we didn’t do much of before boarding the train this morning.
The ride was fairly uneventful, and I was suprised that the first leg, on a German train from Krakow to Kadowice, included free coffee service too, I still wonder if it is just a Polish thing, because when we switched to the Czech train for the duration of the journey, we were not offered anything, and I don’t remember free service on the German train to Berling either…
We arrived in Prague around 5 pm and have begun deciphering the tram and metro systems here. Can’t wait to explore this place…hopefully on foot mostly, but looks like we will need the public tranport from time to time too. We’ve already decided to change hostels, the one we have for tonight was a huge disappointment, so we quickly came to this internet cafe to book a new one for the rest of the week and were lucky to score beds in a brand new place that just opened last month. I’ll dish the details on all the hostels when I get my reviews done…hopefully in the next week or two…gotta find time between all the travels.