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When I was in Berlin a few weeks ago, I completely forgot to mention the upcoming World Cup, an epic sporting event that all football fans are anxiously awaiting. The huge ball atop the TV tower in Berlin has been transformed into a huge silver and magenta colored football as a beacon for fans everywhere that the moment is fast approaching. There were several digital clock countdowns proped up on billboards around the city, and of course all the tourist shops are already fully stocked with World Cup postcards and souviners.
If you follow the sport at all, or are lucky enough to be going, Im* sure by now you have checked out the fantastic suite of websites BootsnAll has created for the event…but in case you missed it, please head over to the topnotch World Cup Blog led by Bob and his fantastic crew of football fans…there are sites for each of the 34 participating teams, plus a main website with daily updates on all WC news and happenings.
I was fortunate to score tixs to three USA games myself, but I really have to start checking into the World Cup blog more often from the road so I can keep up with things. It is a great collection of sites for diehard fans, but also a great primer for folks like me who enjoy the sport but still have lots to learn…
So, that is my Boots Blog plug for the day…please be sure to check it out and tell your football loving friends to do the same.
*sorry for the lack of punctuation…I am in Prague right now and cant get things working properly on this Czech keyboard…