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Goodbye Euro, Hello Eastern Europe

We stood on line (or in line, depending on where you are from) for a ridiculously long time last night to buy our tickets for the next leg of our journey. We depart tomorrow afternoon for Warsaw, Poland, but we could have walked there faster — the line at the train station to book the ticket did not look too bad when we got on (in) but it took a terribly long time, and we needed tea and chocolate to keep us sane while we waited.
The trip from Berlin to Warsaw is about 5 1/2 hours, and cost us 39 euros each for second class tickets. We are not able to use our Eurail Flexipasses on this trip, and I may not use mine again before it expires in two weeks (CJ’s ticket goes for another month), because we will probably be in Poland and the Czech Republic for the entire time, and our passes are not good in either country. But we really wanted to head to Eastern Europe, and thought it would be great to spend Holy Week and Easter in this very Catholic country. I hope the line at the train station was worth the wait…I have high hopes that it was 🙂