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Comfortable and Cozy

We experienced our nicest train ride today – in the comfort of our own private room in the first class car from Amsterdam to Berlin. It was a 6 hour trip in a very cozy car that is supposed to accomodate six but since it was just CJ and I for theentire ride, we each had three seats to ourselves, facing each other, where we could sprawl out and relax, with our books and journals and daypacks right beside us. It was quiet and peaceful too, since we could close the door to the walkway. And, we could control the temp of the room! It was another perfect day for traveling, since the sky got darker and gloomier as the day went on, and it was raining hard by the time we arrived in Berlin. Despite the rain, it was fairly easy to navigate from the S-bahn to the U-bahn to our hostel, where we are comfortablly relaxing now. We went to the supermarket down the block to stock up on food, snacks and cheap wine too (2 euros for a wine called Amabile!) We spent 7 euros and got enough stuff to make dinner and have breakfast and snacks for the next few days. The kitchen in the hostel is great and if the rain keeps up we may spend some extra hours here during the days and evenings, since it has a cozy laid-back atmosphere. We do want to get out and do a walking tour as soon as the weather improves, hopefully tomorrow if the weather cooperates.