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The Temps on Trains

Traveling while the season is changing can be very tricky indeed – what to wear, what to hold on to for just one more week (the hat/scarf/gloves??), how to dress when you go out for the day when you often have no window to peer out of in the morning, or no TV to check the forcast.
It can also be challenging to figure out exactly what to wear on the long haul train travel days. My traveling buddie CJ and I have been monitoring the weather everywhere we travel, including a close examination of the varying temps of the trains we take. We are trying to figure out a system or secret formula to understand the temp on trains, but have come up with no special patterns that we can decipher just yet.
The hottest train so far was the one we took from Barcelona to Montpellier, it seriously got ten degrees warmer every kilometer we traveled and we were sopped in sweat by the time we reached France. Gross, I know, but the truth. And then we put those heavy backs on again…God help the noses of the people sitting near us! The coolest train trip was from Lyon to Brussels on the TGV, more like a refrigerated ice box after an hour or so, but still preferable to the sauna in southern France.
Any too hot/too cold train temp horror stories of your own? Let’s hear them! We will continue to share the results of our research with you and see if any scientific patterns or hypotheses emerge 🙂