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R&R in Belgium

We did another marathon haul on Monday, traveling from Lyon, France all the way up to Bruge, Belgium. We passed through Paris and Brussels and decided to skip both in exchange for a quieter and quainter locale where we could really get some rest. Although we showed up late with no accommodation booked, Bruge has turned out to be the perfect spot for us, and now we have been able to REALLY get lazy, staying in our PJ’s in the hostel until after 1pm today. We couldn’t do that in Lyon with the midday hostel lockout, so this has been a real treat. We have free internet in the hostel and have used that to plan our next two stops so we arrive in a city with a place to stay. It really is not a problem to arrive without one, but it gets draining after doing it for three cities in a row, so we decided to plan out at least the next week of travel and give our adventurous spirits a break. We leave tomorrow for Amsterdam, followed by Berlin, and have hostels already booked for both places. In the meantime, more Belgian chocolate and waffles with hot chocolate sauce for me, and lots and lots of tea…the perfect cure for a spring cold, right?