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First Long Haul

Yesterday we traveled from Barcelona to Lyon, France – a pretty packed full day of travel, but not as exhausting as I thought it might be. We were going to stay in Montpellier or Marsellies near the coast, but it was cloudy and we just didn’t feel like it. It was easy to leave Montpellier in a moment’s notice, we caught two non reserve trains – you only need reservations for TGV fast trains in France.
We have been doing fine so far when arriving in a city without a hostel reservation too. We did fine in both Barcelona and Lyon, stayed at a pension with a private room in Spain, and are staying in an HI youth hostel here in France that has a lockout but it is only 10 – 2 and there is breakfast included for 15 euros a night. I’ve been writing reviews of all the places where I have stayed and eventually we will get them all up on the Boots network.
CJ and I are in a bit of a travel funk now; we are adjusting to a new language, country, food options, etc. And the changing temps…These slightly gloomy times are bound to happen, and we are both a little sniffly too, so the next two nights in Lyon will be all about R&R as best we can, before heading north to rainy Amsterdam. We spring ahead with the clocks here tonight in Lyon, so more daylight and hopefully sunshine as the weather warms the next few weeks, we hope anyway!