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Time Out to Catch Up

I’m treating myself to three hours of internet time. I have about 5 hours to kill in Granada today before departing on the TALGO train for Madrid, and although it is nice out and there is more sightseeing I could do, I need an internet fix BAD. I just spent three incredible days in the mountains bonding with the fig and almond trees…I like the pattern of city/country days I’ve kept for the trip thus far. And even though I am headed to a bigger city with a hostel that has free internet access, I really need time when I don’t feel rushed. At the hostels, even though it is free, there is usually always someone else waiting…

So, for 3,60 euros I’ve got three hours with no one looking over my shoulder, which is a pretty good deal, and totally worth it for me right now. The people I’ve stayed with this month have been so gracious, letting me check email and my bank accounts, etc. while I stay with them, but I need some quality online time for travel planning, writing and logistical stuff that needs to be sorted out. I’ll log onto my Gmail account and AOL IM in a bit too, and maybe I can even chat online with some of the early risers back in the states. (It’s 11:30 am currently in Granada.)
Oh, by the way, I’m at the Navegaweb right off Plaza Nueva on Calle Reyes Catolicos, a perfect central location with plenty of room for me to stow my backpack behind me on the windowsill. I could have paid 4,50 euros to lock it up at the train station but I decided to save my money and take it with me, it is really not that heavy when it is on my back, even though it is full loaded. I’m hoping to prep a small package to send to the states from Madrid. Sounds like all the postcards I’ve been sending are making it in less than 5 days, at least to the East Coast. It costs 78 cents to send a postcard from anywhere in Spain to the States.