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I Spy…

On my train trip from Seville to Granada yesterday I spotted at least three different men using nature as a bathroom somewhere along the train tracks. It just struck me as very funny, since they each stopped to take care of biz along the rails not knowing a train would be flying by.
And the train did fly again, but not nearly as fast as the Alfa in Portugal that made me ill last week. This regional RENFE train did get going pretty good, but I made sure to prevent the queasy feeling that plagued me last time by looking out the window the entire trip, which is why I so keenly observed the plethora of whizzing men, plus the mountain goats, wildflowers and olive trees too. As we headed east towards the Sierra Nevadas, the landscape changed from very flat (the plains of Spain) to fabulous craggy rocks and mountains. Tomorrow I head deeper in to the rocky terrain, to a small town in the Alpujarras. I’ll be taking a bus again since the trains don’t run into the real heart of the mountains.