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Empty Cars in Off Season

On my train trip from Lisbon to Faro, there were about 7 or 8 other people in the car. Today, as I travel back and forth on the regional intercity trains between Faro and Tavria, I was, at times, the only one in the car. Although I wish I was here when the weather was just a tad warmer, so I could dip my feet in the ocean, I would not trade it for the lack of people. The uncrowded streets and train cars make for very pleasant travel experiences. Oh, and these regional trains are sooo much slower and easier on my silly stomach!
I am writing from the City Hall in Tavria, where it takes a minute or two to sign up for a half hour of free internet access. If there is no wait you can keep using the computer or come back later…good to know if you will be passing through this region.