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Queasy Ride on the Alfa

Yesterday I took the super fast train from Lisbon’s Oriente Station to Faro, in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. I have NEVER been on a train that went this fast…and my tummy did not like it one bit. I has planned to fill out postcards, write in my journal and read a little bit…but no such luck. I got a bad bout of dizziness and a queasy stomach. Nothing too horrible, but enough to make the ride one I’d rather forget. I tried to sleep it off as best I could, and thankfully survived with no horror stories 🙂
When I was in Europe ten years ago I never rode anything that was this quick except Space Mountain at Euro Disney! The Alfa is Portugal’s fastest train, and while it did get me there quick, and in a very comfortable first class car, I was VERY happy to get off. Another difference between now and when I traveled via Eurail ten years ago was that I was not required to travel first class back then, as I am required to do on this trip. If you are over 26 you must buy a first class Eurail pass, so I’m “stuck” in the nice cars for the first two months of my trip. After that, it’s second class with my fellow budget backpackers.