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Hello from Portugal

I’ve been in Lisbon for two days now, and am still trying to figure out how to type on the keyboards here! The last time I was in Europe ten years ago, the Internet was still in its infancy, so I never used a computer while I traveled. This time around, I will be using it lots, and hope to get the knack of this tricky keyboard soon…although I wonder if it changes much in each country? Figuring out how to type the @ was the most challenging so far…I had to ask the hostel staff here at the Lisbon Poets Hostel, which has been a great choice so far…centrally located and very nice staff.
Lisbon is a beautiful city…I spent the morning in the Alfama on a walking tour with Lisbon Walker. It was me, the guide, Jose, and one other visitor, a man from Copenhagen. So it was really our own private tour. Now I see why people talk about getting lost in Lisbon, it really is so very easy to do in many neighborhoods, but especally the windy, hilly Alfama. Thanks to our Jose, getting lost was all part of the experience, and we learned a ton about the history of the city, from the Romans in 2000 BC through the time the city was in the hands of the Phonecians, Moors, Barbarians, and assorted royalty too. He was an excellent guide, and totally worth the ten euros I paid. That was a reduced rate I got since I have a 48 hour Lisbon Card. I also used the card to get a reduced rate at the Castelo de Sao Jorge and a free entrance to the Chiado Museum, which has a small collection of contemporary art and currently has artwork on load from Bordeaux, including some Matisse and Renoir.