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The Hedonistic Lifestyle: In Greece, You Too Will Succumb

I have been enjoying the lifestyle in Greece of sleep, sun, swim, dance, drink, party, nap, dance….etc. I have been relaxing on various beaches, renting ATVs and driving to black and red sand beaches, eating entirely too much feta cheese to be healthy, and not wanting to go home. I can’t believe I will return soon…I can’t go back, not to boring nine to fives. Where will I meet all these people? Traveling has made me question absolutely everything. What if I just did it? Left and never came home? Moved all my belongings into a pack (hopefully one a bit larger than the one I have now)? I won’t know until I do it. Instead, I will try to continue to experience these wonderful emotions and feeling and experiences and fun, just for another few days.
But Greece–it is wonderful. You must go, to eat and lax on the beaches and see a very different culture.