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Traveling Off Season

The high season in Greece ends August 31. We arrived September 2, and have saved heaps of money by arriving just a tad later. (Of course, the weather has been quite windy, making swimming at times cold, but we all know you go to Greece to dance and sunbathe anyway.) Our rooms in our second hotel were ordinarily 80 or 85 euro per night, but we paid just 35 euro. (My mother would be so proud!) Trevor, my boyfriend, had looked into flying to Greece in late August, and his plane ticket would have been over 1100 USD. He saved 400 USD by arriving in September, which we are probably spending quite easily. Think about if you can travel off season, and if you can, I advise it. You save lots of money, on things like ferries, accomodation, and even food, and there are less people around, which generally makes your experience more pleasant.
Enjoy! But please, do travel. Get up off that chair and hit the road. The one thing on this trip that I do regret is not going sooner.