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Loving Mykonos

I got to Mykonos yesterday, and I had to think about that for a minute, and ask Trevor just to make sure, because it feels like I have been here FOREVER. It is fantastic. We are staying in a room at the Mykonos Paradise Beach Camping which is where you really must stay when you come to Mykonos. It is right on the beach, complete with restaurant (serving really lovely organic food at reasonable prices), mini-mart, and best of all, two bars! The bars feature people regularly dancing on top in bikinis (women and men), free shots at sundown, fantastic music (okay, so sometimes it gets cheesey), and good club nights. Tomorow is the white party, and all I have white is my bikini and a shirt…and when I told the promoter, he said, “With just the bikini, you MIGHT be overdressed.” So there–it’s a huge party town here in Mykonos. Tonight, Trev and I are going to the famous Cavo Paridiso, which is the second biggest club in the world supposedly. You don’t get to clubs till quite late, and we took a nap and just ate dinner early…around 10. Typically, Greek people (and us) eat dinner late…we have been generally eating around 11 or 12.
I love Greece!