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Almost Done…And It's So Sad

I’m ending my trip rather shortly, and tomorrow morning I fly to Greece, where I will meet my boyfriend. We’re going to be island hopping to various islands, staying in hotels, relaxing on beaches…quite different from the spartan backpacker lifestyle I’ve been living. I’m getting nervous and sad…I’ve started to like hostels, like that I meet people all over the place, and like my lifestyle. It will be nice to see my love though.
But even sadder, I will be done traveling soon. I fly back to New York on the 13th of September, after which I will be forced to look for a job, buy a new suit for job interviews, scoop my cat’s kitty litter box. Things that aren’t fun. I’m dreading the whole looking for a job part, and am depressed about not traveling. I have been having a blast, and seeing one continent has only made me realise how desperately I need to see every other one. Latin America will probably be next.