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From Dubrovnik to Bari to Amalfi: Transportation Woes

I took a night ferry the other night from Dubrovnik to Bari. It was a miserable night ferry–it was insanely crowded, there were no more cabins, and we all had “deck space” but I was assured I would have space on the couches or benches. Well, there was NO room. I slept on the linoleum floor just on a sheet–I’m hardcore. It was a sucky night of sleep, crowded by strangers but I’m okay, I can do it.
In the morning, when I get to Bari, all of the trains were full and I wasn’t going to be able to get to Amalfi until 9 or 10 at night! I ended up bitching with these English people, and this Ozzie lady, and we thought of the brilliant idea to rent a car and drive. It cost us 200 euros, 50 euros each, and it was well worth it. I got to Amalfi in three hours and did not have to take three buses and two trains.So there’s an idea.