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Night Departures

I hate leaving at night. I feel like the days drag, you keep getting paranoid about missing your ferry or bus or train. Today I went to the beach and had a great time. However, I can’t shower afterwards at my place because I already checked out. So the beach had showers but when I tried to shower (it cost 2HK) the water was freezing and the guy who was going to collect my money came over (I guess because I hadn’t paid yet) and I explained to him that the water was freezing and asked if it could be made hotter, and in broken English he explained it was only cold, but then told me he could shower with me so it would be warm. Mind you, these are beach showers, everyone can see. I grabbed my stuff and ran, NOOOOO!
So I am sweaty and stinky and salty, which is common of night trains. I have a night ferry to Bari, and hoping I can make a 943 train from Bari to Salerno, and then a bus to Amalfi. I can’t wait to get to Amalfi so I can shower.