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My time so far in Croatia–Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik

I have been in Croatia for a whirlwind of three days. I arrived in Split, which was very interesting. There are these Roman ruins, so I spent several hours wandering around there. I was told there was no baggage check, so I took the fast ferry over to Hvar. There is a baggage check at the bus station, not the ferry station, and when you go to Croatia, I have been told different things by different people–so ASK!
In Hvar, I wandered around the Old Town, went to the beach (rocky) and got tipsy off Croatian vodka with my sweet Irish roommates. Then I woke up, went to the beach, got food for my long day of travel. I went from Hvar to Dubrovnik. Note: if you want to go from anywhere you often have to go through Split. I took a ferry to Split, then ran to catch the 230 bus.
And Dubrovnik? Well, it is beautiful. We did the walk around the city walls, and swam in this amazing blue clean water with the best views I have ever had from a beach.
Croatia? I’m not in love with it, but it is amazing.