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Italy is Amazing, and the Food!

Everything you have heard about Italy is true. The trains are unreliable. Everything is slow, but then when you are feeling calm, a Vespa will almost run you over. The people are friendly, but then a mean old woman will overcharge you because she hates tourists. It is a country of contradictions.
However, put all that aside…the food is to die for! If you like seafood, that is supposed to be wonderful. But as a vegetarian, this country has been SO easy for me. There is always cheap pizza around with heaps of veggies on them, or lovely pesto (especially in the Cinque Terra), or rissoto, or gnocchi, or raviolis, or something else that just makes your jaws ache with how amazing it is. Of course, a lot of it is bad for you, but it is still so good.
And the gelati! You must try it. Fresh fruit, chocolate, and other amazing flavors. You have never tried anything so delightful. Please indulge, and I assure you, eating ice cream in the USA or anywhere else will never measure up. I must restrict myself to a maximum of one per day or I would be eating four.