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Security on the road…specifically, theives

I have been nervous about my stuff lately. Knock on wood, I have the most important things. However, in Madrid someone stole my orange Gatorade, and in Berlin someone ate my banana and drank my juice. Here in my hostel, my roommate told me two nights in a row her salami and cheese was stolen. Why steal from the kitchen? That is so rude, cmon. You know if we are storing stuff in the kitchen it is because we are buying food because we have no money.
On another note, my friend just emailed me to let me know he was robbed on the overnight train from Prague to Budapest. I am kind of freaked out now so am thinking maybe I will leave earlier from Prague and get a room that night in Budapest. I have to email him and ask him the details.
But a few reminders: always have your money belt on with the most important things in it. If you are taking an overnight train, keep your important items tucked in your pockets or undies if you can, and your money belt ON. Lock your compartment doors, and chain up whatever you can.