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Mean Ticket Clerks in Berlin

I went to get my ticket for Berlin to Prague, which is not covered by Eurail–well, the German part is, but Czech Republic isn’t, so I figured I would just buy my ticket and use my flexiday for another day. The clerk wanted to see my ticket, so I show him my Eurail pass and he stares and stares at it. He is mad that I made a mistake and then he starts telling me that I should have had my ticket confiscated and that the train conductor was nice. Back in Spain I had accidentally written the day’s date for a night train, instead of the next night’s date. That conductor screamed at me and I wasted a day on my 15 day flexipass.
So this ticket clerk, who is American by the way, is really mad at me. I tell him I am sorry, and he goes, Sorry, what is sorry going to do. You should be punished. Then he is telling me he should take my ticket and reissue me a new one and how the conductor should have charged me 100 euros to make a new ticket. And he is having a good time. And then he goes, But I am not going to do that. Why am I not going to do that, I do not know why. I pipe in, Because you’re nice, and he goes, no, I should charge you because that is my job and I am not nice. I am not sure why I am not charging you, but you will get in trouble, especially if you go to Munich.
I am not going to Munich, thank god.
Seriously, he gave me this HUGE lecture and I did not even need a flexipass for this ticket. I was practically crying because he was so mean to me, and really, what was the point