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stages of travel

Ya know, when I started this trip two months ago I thought I had SO MUCH time. I was actually really intimidated at the thoguht of traveling by myself for three whole months. The first few weeks I was having a great time but felt slightly uneasy…can’t really explain why I never felt unsafe or unhappy but in hindsight I think I was just sort of settling into the whole thing. Getting used to living out of a backpack can take awhile…I definitly missed some of the smaller comforts of home, privacy being one of the list toppers. Now, as the trip is winding down I’m starting to really grasp the remaining moments and enjoy them to the fullest. I’m also happy to report that I have finally learned to chill out and stay in a city for a few days rather then a few hours. It makes a HUGE difference not trying to cram in a weeks worth of sightseeing into a day or two. Also my diet and sleeping schedule has adjusted, I will eat anythign free at any time and sleep when sleep is convenient! It’s nice to take a break from the usually super-structured chronology of my every day life. I know when I get home I will fall back into my routine, but it is a routine I truly love so that’s OK, but I also think getting out of the rut was endlessly beneficial because now I know I can. When I get home I have a lot of decisions to make: I have to get a “real job” and possibly move to a place where I know noone. I think I can handle it and I’m really looking forward to the adventure of it all. I’m feeling rather sentimental at the moment if you hadn’t noticed! Any advice is welcome and appreciated 🙂 Ciao!