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Running of the bulls in Pampolona, and why I'm not going

I can’t go every place, and wasn’t even considering going to Pampolona. But as about three quarters of my last two hostels were heading there, I figured I’d tell you all why I’m not going.

1. I don’t have time, and I’ve already spent enough time in Spain.
2. This is my main reason. I think the whole bullfight is cruel, and the running part sounds insane. I know people who are running, and this one guy is like, ï’m gonna die. Sounds like fun being gored by a bull. Hopefully Tan is okay because he is a pretty rad guy. But the idea of bullfighting…it’s totally torturous and so many bulls are murdered daily in these bullfights. People who are opposed say you have to go just to see it, and I know people who have cried, but I refuse to support that. And after the bulls are run, there are bullfights, and I don’t agree with it. All my fellow hostelers are sleeping in the park, and I hope things are well for them. But for me, I’m not going to watch the running of the bulls.
I’m going to Brussels to eat chocolate and then to Amsterdam to chill out.