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PLUS camping in ITALY

Ok so there is a chain of camp sites in Italy called “Plus Camping” and they are in all the big tourist hot spots: Venice, Rome, Florence and a few others in lesser known spots. These places, for the price, are GREAT. Sure you may be sleeping in a house tent on a cot, but you will also only be paying 12 euros! These sites have easy access to town, either by walking or through a private shuttle that will drop you off or pick you up. They have a supermarket, restaurant, bar, laundry, internet, ect, for pretty high prices but you are payign for the convienience of havign everything righ there (If you are American you will welcome the convenience, trust me!) Some even have pools, the Venice and the Rome sites do, so a swim feels awesome after a long day walkign around the hot and crowded city. They keep everything pretty clean and fresh linen is included so you don’t feel like you are sleeping in a bug-infested tent or anything. The only warning is that if you are in a two-person tent by yourself you may get a roomate that is less-than appealing, but that can always happen wherever you stay. I would recomment these places.