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paris is better. i met a nice woman named paris, and she and whitney and danya (my roommates at my new hostel) and i went out for wine at this little cafe. there aren’t too many bars in paris, mostly the bar/cafe/restaurant combination. we were the loud americans, laughing and talking.
a sort of critical mass went by us: parisians on rollerskates, taking over the street. it was pretty fun to watch. we ate crepes (i love nutella and coconut crepes, yum!)
i was hating france but now i’m better with it. my vocabulary consists of “bonjour” “au revoir” “si vous plaix” and “merci” and a few other expressions venessa told me. it’s always good to know how to say “i don’t speak (insert name of language here). do you speak english?”
paris is super expensive so if you’re planning on going i hope you have some money.