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obnoxious roomates

SO I get to Rome and walk around all day, which means by the end of the day I am obsolutely exhausted and just want to sleep. I get to my room in the Alessandro Hostel and although there are numerous packs thrown about the room nobody is in there….ahh, I think to myself…I can sleep in peace for at least a few hours. By the time I had showered and checked my email , ect it was close to 11 pm and I crawled into bed..YES! Suddenly, two bodies enter the room and start going at it…in the bed next to me. Fortunatly they were interupted by a large group which barged into the room, plugged in an IPOD and started blaring music and generally careening around the room. I sat up and asked if they were planning on going out or staying int he room, to which I was called all manner of obscenities in both english and swedish. And they didnt leave. I was so mad, but what could I do? I just lay there and tried to ignore them but when they started taking pictures of me I had had enough….I blasted them and told them they were the rudest people I had ever met and now, this morning, it is obviously very awkward. Thank goodness they are leaving today!