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hostel burnout

After only several days of staying in hostels, I was relieved to board the train for my friend Marilyn’s house in Lancaster. I’m sick of communal bathrooms, showers I have to wear flipflops in, no refrigerator, sleeping next to strangers, using a quick-dry towel. For several days, we drove around the country seeing various lovely locales and views, ate oatmeal for breakfast and had tea several times a day (yum! I love the way the English drink tea–I could def live here), pad around in my bare feet across Marilyn’s lovely garden, stretch out on a lovely clean couch. I have a feeling I’ll be getting hostel burnout this summer, so here are a few tips.

1. Make friends with your roommates if you can, so hanging around your room isn’t a drag.
2. If you are able to afford it, splurge on a night in a cheap (or not cheap) hotel. Take a luxurious bubble bath, sleep naked, and lounge around in the silence.
3. If you can’t afford a night in a cheap hotel, gather together a few friends and see if anyone wants to share a night in a hotel–it’s quite nice if you have a few people and may often be the same price as a hostel.
4. Spend a lot of time wandering all day, and sleep in even the hostel will be lovely and relaxing.