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how to lose some weight–for real!

i left reykjavik yesterday but let me tell you, that city was so expensive i would walk everywhere as opposed to taking public transportation (and get lost a lot because it’s very hard to find anything and the streets are crazy) and barely eat because it’s so expensive–i would eat bread with cheese and yogurt for dinner, and drank water constantly. now i’m in london, and it’s way more affordable–but here are some tips for losing that stomach chub you’ve been stressing about–TRAVEL!

1. never take public transportation.
i’m not on the continent of europe yet (thus this not being related to the eurail!) but when i’m there, i will take the train from town to town, but walk as much as possible in the town that i am in. get a good city map (and not just the one in your guidebook–hostels often provide free maps) and walk, walk walk!
2. don’t eat much. and never eat in restaurants.
in iceland, i ate in two vegetarian cafes, one time each. that’s it. it was way too expensive, so skyr (this amazing icelandic yogurt) and bread and cheese served as my meals often. but please, drink all the tap water you can. i’m a vegetarian, so there are even more limitations on what i can eat–making eating less a fantastic option.
3. say yes to every hiking opportunity.
i went on a tour of the golden circle–a beautiful waterful, geyser, volcanic crater, and this national park in iceland where the first parliment was held in 970 ad. i hiked, hiked, hiked, as much as i could on these trips, while taking photos–another opportunity for exercise.
while i plan on going crazy with the food in greece and italy, i’ve already lost several pouns. travel: the natural way to diet.