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prague to budapest!

I just took the train from Prague to Budapest ( SEVEN hours people) and I have to admit I initially thought it would be the ride from hell. It was crowded, hot and the seats faced each other so, you geussed it, NO leg room. I was on the aisle so I at least was able to stick my feet out into it…only to be kicked and tripped over numerous times throughout the journey. After the first two hours of listening to a really loud and obnoxious American girl brag about how “wasted,i was sooo wasted man” she was the night before, I turned on my ipod and took a nap. The train started emptying out after awhile and when the lady across from me left I breathed a sigh of relief, took off my shoes, and stretched out. Hallelujah! But oh no, it would not last. At the next stop the cute little old people sitting next to me were replaced by three matronly women who not only invaded my personal space to the extreme, but ate for the next three hours straight. I hadn’t brought any food on the train with me (stupid) so not only was I extremely jealous but offended, defending my irrational anger with the excuse that I clearly needed their food more then they did. It was a long ride, yes indeed!