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it's impossible to fight jetlag

I was determined to not have jetlag, but was unable to avoid it. I read articles and books on avoiding it, but was unsuccessful. My advice–just plan to make your first day nice and easy, and write everything down–preferably on your arm, so you won’t forget or lose everything.

1. Melatonin helps prevent jetlag.
I took melatonin on the plane, and almost immediately passed out. I woke up shortly before we landed. Great to get some sleep, however, it was because of this that I was unable to do step 2.
2. Drink lots of water.
Yup, didn’t do it. And when you get to Iceland, you’ll discover the water often has a sulfur smell. Yum.
3. Take your shoes off on the plane.
I guess this advice was given to make sure you are totally relaxed. As soon as I did it, my super proper flight attendant asked me if I would mind moving up 10 rows. No prob.
4. Get some sleep right away–take a brief nap.
So eager was I for this nap that I ran right away off the bus to call Herwig. Well, all of the sudden I realized–my backpack was still on the bus. (I know my mother is cringing right now reading this!) Jetlagged, I rant to the lot where the bus was no longer. I ran to the Tourist Info rep and the woman called the driver. I waited around sleep-deprived for the driver to bring me my bag–who kept an eye on it to make sure no one took it on the rest of the stops. I love Icelanders.
When I slept, I constantly woke up. My body is so confused over the time.
5. Eat something wholesome.
My eating patterns are confused as well. Food is super expensive here, which is why I ate brie and tomatoes on yummy Icelandic bread and yogurt. Not to mention the fact that there’s not much by my hostel and I’m a vegetarian. But the yogurt here–to die for!
6. Exercise.
I went to the pools and they were awesome. The air is in the 50s, the pools are a lot warmer. I stayed in the hot tub until I was dizzy. Back in the changing room, I had no towel and drip-dried. Fun.