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Day 0 and 1 in Barcelona

Jen and I only left a day after our last finals to get ready to pack. The end result, no sleep.

The First Lesson Learned: Never do a transatlantic flight which includes a ten hour layer on NO SLEEP!

At the end of the day both of us had stolen a few hours of sleep on the plane, on a bench in frankfurt, in a terminal in frankfurt, on the second plane, and finally in our hostel.
Now, concerning the hostel. At this point we had each gotten only around 4 hours of sleep each in the last 48, and were really looking forward to a good bed in the Sun and Moon Hostel. This dream was not to be. First the hostel was still under construction, second the doors in the hostel did not close: they slammed, waking me up every time, third, a large posse of spanish partiers in the next room really had no plans on sleeping and their noise made sure we didn’t either.
After a horrible night, adding onto a horrible 48 hours jenn and I left the hostel at 5:30am in search of the keys to our apartment… where we dreamt of big beds and good sleep.
Making a long storm short (one that involves me sprinting 5 blocks at 6:00am to retrieve the envelope with our passports and tickets in it that Jenn had left on the street), we finally arrived in our apartment… never been happier to see a bed in my life.
Can’t wait for tommorrow…