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Survived My First Ferry Ride
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Survived My First Ferry Ride

by Kelly Amabile on June 1, 2006

by Kelly Amabile | June 1st, 2006

We are safe and sound and on the ground in Dubrovnik. I was a little touch-and-go there when the Marko Polo first pulled out of the port in Bari last night. But after awhile my body adjusted to the waves and I was able to sleep. It was not the best sleep I have had, but the nauseousness I tried to ignore during our first hour at sea eventually subsided and I was able to rest my head on the top bunk of our cabin. Lots of budget backpack travelers just pay for a deck passage ticket and sleep on the padded benches in the lounge, but we opted for the cabin this time, which I think helped us get a more peaceful sleep. Even so, the lounge is a viable and cheap option, with more opportunities for socializing with other travelers.

It’s raining here in Dubrovnik — Old Town is currently a patchwork quilt of red roofs and colored umbrellas, as the bus tour groups are out in full force today. We just left our sobe (private room) after a few hours sleep and showers…we feel like it should be late at night but it is only 1 pm…We’ll grab some food soon and try to walk around in the drizzle for a bit. Hoping the weather improves tomorrow, but just happy to be on solid ground!

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