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Happy Monday
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Happy Monday

by Kelly Amabile on April 10, 2006

by Kelly Amabile | April 10th, 2006

Mondays are terrific travel days. Most museums and attractions are usually closed anyway, and for some reason Mondays seem to be drab and gray, perfect for staring out the window or reading a good book. We took the train from Warsaw to Krakow today, a quick three hour trip. We had our own “private car” again — the train is not nearly as nice as the German, French or Spanish trains we have taken, but it was clean enough — and I was pleasantly suprised by FREE coffee and tea service, even in second class! They come through with a cart and offer this before they even check your ticket — I love the trusting, friendly Poles — they make me and my tummy happy! I also love how, throughout Europe, tea is always accompanied with some sort of sweet treat — today it was a chocolate covered waffle served in an adorable train car wrapper…very cute. Why don’t the more expensive trains in Western Europe throw in a free sweet and cup of tea every once in awhile?

We will relax here in Krakow for a full seven nights, including Easter Sunday. When we arrived here we booked out next train trip as well, since we will be traveling next on Easter Monday — we wanted to book in advance, just to be sure to get the train we wanted. We are off to find some pizza or vegetarian options for dinner. CJ is a vegetarian and I gave up meat for the last two weeks of Lent, so our dining in Poland def has its challenges…but there is no shortage of mushroom and cabbage perogis, so we will be fine 🙂

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